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Leanne Tang '19 working in a science lab

​ “One of the most life-changing experiences to me was my immersion trip to Honduras ... I cannot begin to explain all that the experience has done to change me, but it definitely solidified my love of medicine and helped me realize that I was surrounded by a community both on campus and off that would push me to be my best in all aspects of my life.”

Leanne Tang '19


Advanced Partnerships

We have many partnerships with other colleges and universities to allow you to reach your ultimate career goals.


Experiential Learning

We have research partnerships, internships, and service-learning opportunities with a wide range of organizations.


学术 & Career Support

From day one, you’ll have a full-time faculty advisor who will help guide you and connect your passions to resources.


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We focus on the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – which is reflected in our Learning Goals and core curriculum.